Grunwald Associates

Chapter Five: Grunwald Associates

For the last decade, Tom has been a partner with Peter Grunwald, President and founder of Grunwald Associates, in building Grunwald Associates, into one of the most respected sources of industry research on technology, youth, families and education.

Simply put, Tom is brilliant. In my experience that is a unique-enough quality, yet in Tom’s case it is combined with a commitment to helping others, a great heart and spirit, a prodigious capacity to master and interpret complex information and an ability to persevere in the face of – and ultimately triumph over— seemingly overwhelming challenges.

In addition to being a good friend, he has been an intellectual and spiritual force behind Grunwald Associates’ work on community. In addition, his analysis and insights are a key part of our research history spanning more than 10 years. And his vision of what is possible with media – and its potential for good – have been a steady source of inspiration for all of us.
— Peter Grunwald, President, Grunwald Associates

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